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Time OUT Croatia: Park Orsula/Mali Glazbeni Festival

The big hit of summer 2012 was the opening of Park Orsula, an open-air live music venue situated some 3km southeast of town, just off the road toCavtat. It’s right beside the parking lay-by and drinks kiosk where folks stop to enjoy the famously panoramic view of Dubrovnik‘s Old Town. It’s a truly amazing location, and not just because of the view back to town. Situated on a sea-facing slope opposite the island of Lokrum, the Park consists of a tidied-up section of hillside scrub and a stage area surrounded by an amphitheatre-like semicircle of terracing for the audience. At the bottom of the slope are the remains of a medieval chapel where travellers used to say their prayers before entering or leaving the Dubrovnik city limits. The fruit of seven years’  hard labour (both organisational and physical) by Andro Vidak and the Ambient Croatia association, the Park hosts gigs by Croatian and ex-Yu jazz and rock attractions throughout the summer under the banner of Mali Glazbeni Festival (‘Little Music Festival’), with gig nights coming particularly thick and fast in July and August. Main novelty for the 2013 season is the clearing of a footpath to Park Orsula from the Sveti Jakov area of Dubrovnik – revellers will no longer have to risk walking along the busy Cavtat road (or forking out for a taxi) in order to get here and back.

Festival program 2014

10.07.2014 start: 23:00 (after fireworks) – MAYALES , mayales video

18.07.2014 start: 21:30 – URBAN & 4 + DARKWOOD DUB, double concert , urban video, dark wood video

19.07.2014 start: 21:30 – NATALI DIZDAR & BAND , natali video

26.07.2014 start: 21:30 – STRAY DOGG , stray dogg video

27.07.2014 start: 18:00 – LOST IN THE MOMENT – Innervisions (Line up, TBA)

02.08.2014 start: 21:30 – ZEMLJA GRUVA + VLADA DIVLJAN & ljetno kino - double concert , zemlja gruva video , vlada divljan & ljetno kino video

08.08.2014 start: 21:30 – QUASARR + PUNČKE, double concert , video quassar , punčke video

09.08.2014 start: 21:30 – JOSIPA LISAC & band

16.08. 2014 start: 21:30 – RAMBO AMADEUS,  THELP (Du)

22.08.2014 start: 21:30 – TBF, FEREDON

29.08.2014 start: 21:30 – SILENTE

Vine & jazz at PARK ORSULA


Good jazz, local wines, in an excellent ambience--a winning combination in Orsula!

Starting Wednesday, June 19, and every Wednesday thereafter, in the unique setting of the Orsula Park, a program called "Sunset Wine & Jazz" will be held. Amidst the beautiful view of a fascinating sunset, the pleasant jazz music of the band "Garden Street Quartet" can be enjoyed.  There will also be Croatian wine tasting, with special emphasis on the wines of the Dubrovnik area and the wines of Plavac mali, Pošip, Malvasia and others. At end of the program, at the hushed hour of darkness, the unique legend surrounding the Park Orsula and its mystical, spellbinding history will be told.

This attraction is a new event designed for Dubrovnik guests, one that guests will surely choose to enrich their summer evenings. The alluring beauty of the Park Orsula and the unique atmosphere with breathtaking views of Dubrovnik and the sunset, all enhanced by pleasant jazz music and local wines,  are a novelty in the evening programs in the City.

The Association of Ambient Croatia says that through these programs they will continue to promote one of Dubrovnik's most beautiful locations, that this year has been additionally refined by arranging the footpaths from St Jacob and making them available to foreign tourists, who, we believe, will appreciate the attractiveness of this program and the enthusiasm of its organizers.

PARK ORSULA music festival program for summer 2013

Association Ambient Croatia for the third year in a row organizes Little MUSIC FESTIVAL at the unique location at the Park Orsula in Dubrovnik.

After a well-received first two editions of the festival, 2013 will bring us 10 weeks of rich and varied program, featuring both local and internationally acclaimed artists.

We will alternate rock, blues, folk, jazz, pop, rap artists, burlesque cabaret and other genres, so our programme will appeal to a wide variety of audiences, but all will have in common passion for music and performance arts.


Programme of concerts:

15.06. *** Vasil Hadžimanov Band video

21.06. *** Dječaci video, General Woo video, Kandžija video, Otpisanimator video

28.06. *** Meri Cetinić video

05.07. *** Klapa Šufit video, Klapa Subrenum

06.07. *** Svadbas video, Quasarr video, Feredon

11.07. *** The Tiger Lillies video, Izae video

13.07. *** Teofilovići i Miroslav Tadić video

19./20.07. *** Blues Weekend: Zdenka Kovačiček („S ljubavlju, Janis“ – tribute to Janis Joplin) video, Bebe na vole video, Gruhak video, Otprilike ovako video, Delta Blues Gang video, Kukac & Friends, Harpoon Blues Band video

21.07. *** Goribor video, Lovely Quinces video

26.07. *** Neno Belan i Fiumensi unplugged video

30.07. *** Vlada Divljan & Ljetno kino video

02.08. *** Damir Kukuruzović Gipsy Swing Quartet video

03.08.*** Alex Barck JAZZANOVA & EDDY RAMICH Kontrapunkt video

10.08. *** Sevdah Takht Damira Imamovića video CANCELED FOR SUNDAY 11.08/21:00PM

17.08. *** Vlatko Stefanovski Trio video

21.08. *** Klapa FA Linđo, Klapa Ragusavecchia video

24.08. *** Goran Bare i Majke video

30.08. *** Silente procija albuma & gosti iznenađenja video


Read more about all artists:

15.06. saturday / 21:30h/  Opening MGF 2013, guests: VASIL HADŽIMANOV BAND


We probably could not pick a better guest to open this year's edition of Little music festival.

Vasil Hadžimanov Band is precisely what LMF is offering to the audience - a true musical enjoyment and top class performance.

Vasil is one of the most acclaimed jazz pianist in this part of the world. From early childhood, born into a musical family (his parents were musicians, and Aunt Pearl Veletanlić is one of the most famous jazz singers from the region), Vasil  began formal music education at the ago of 5, and after completing part of his education in Belgrade in1992. he received a scholarship to the prestigious Berkley College in Boston where he graduated in the class of Professor Ray Santisi and Lazslo Gardony.

Although in the United States he collaborated with famous musicians (Matt Garrison, Rick Peckham, Lero Jenkins, Antonio Sanchez, David Gilmore, David Binney, Cris Cheek ...), Vasil decided to return to his homeland where he founded Vasil Hadžimanov Band aiming for mix of jazz and funk music with traditional Balkan rhythms. Their fusion sound soon became popular with the audiences, and the first issue run of the premier album, "11 Reasons to ..." sold out in three months. This was followed by numerous performances in the region and the European Tour, and with small changes in the bands line up, Vasil Hadžimanov Band has for 17 years been a great  attraction that is best experienced at a live concert.

21.06. friday / 21:30h / CRO masters of Hip Hop: DJEČACI, GENERAL WOO, KANDŽIJA I TOXARA, OTPISANIMATOR


Split band Djecaci are among  pioneers of the new wave of Croatian hip-hop.

Although band members Vojko Heat, Ivo Gray and Zondo in various combinations worked together since 1999, Djecaci officially launched as a band in 2005.

The website became the main media for communicating with listeners on the Croatian scene, coming to an almost cult status. This was followed by the release of more songs, mostly on, all culminating in the publication of the first album "Drama" 2008th year. "Drama" has won the Golden Koogl for album of the year, and song "The People" became an absolute hit with over 2 million views on YouTube.

"Drama" successor came three years later,  the second album called "The Truth" was published 2011th  and, immediately experienced a great deal of attention.

"The Truth" was voted one of the best albums in 2011..  First edition of the album sold out in just two days, and a year and a half after its release, this album is still in demand.


General Woo and Srdjan Cuk, is half of one of the most famous Croatian hip-hop bands of all time - Tram 11.

On the wave of popularization of rap and hip-hop music and culture, launched by the cult show Blackout Zagreb's Radio 101, Tram 11 in 1997 came out with the first large Croatian rap hit, "Croatian giants", and then publish their first album "Ludo", which is still considered one of the best albums of the genre in Croatia.

Before their break up, Tram11 have released the album "Heat city asphalt" and the compilation "The secret black box", and then General Woo, just like Nenad Simon - Target, the other half of the group Tram 11, went on to work as solo artists.

This is one of the rare opportunities to see General Woo in Dubrovnik and this will also be a premiere concert for the album “Verbal assault” in Dubrovnik.


If the General Woo is legend Croatian hip-hop, and the Djecaci for years an established name, then Kandžija Toxara is one of the most exciting performers in this genre.

His two releases “Narodnjaci” (2009) and “Koktel od rakije” (2011) had very good reception.

Joining forces with Toxara has though propelled this duo among the best of what Croatian hip hop scene has to offer.

Their album “Zlatne sibice” was made in collaboration with best Croatian hip hop artists and got excellent reception from fans as well as fellow musicians.

Anyone who is a true hip hop fan should definitely come to hear these guys.


Dubrovnik hip-hop scene in recent years gave a lot of interesting albums and projects. A large number of issues associated with the group members Tonk Klan and Otpisanimator aka Malicious aka Bobo, which s since 2010. released four albums. "UPEK's" is the latest which features Sasha (TBF) and Magellan, and placed Otpisanimator in the top of the Croatian underground hip-hop. At home, and with special guests, Otpisanimator represents Dubrovnik scene in 'Summer School of Hip-Hop'

28.06. friday / 21:30h / MERI CETINIĆ - solo concert "Retrospektiva"

Last year's gala concert by Radojka Šverko showed that Dubrovnik audiences miss concerts from Croatian evergreen greats.

This year's Little Music Festival will host Meri Cetinić a Croatia diva and a star with a career spanning over four decades..

Meri’s career begun in the early 70’s with a bend called Dolphins where she was a keyboard player.

Her singing talent was soon recognised and in 1979 she released her first solo album simply named Meri, that became instant hit and made her a household name with some songs from the album being a true heritage of musical enjoyment.

Meri has 7 successful album releases and each record has left it’s mark with  generations of followers.

Winner of many prestigious awards and festivals, Meri Cetinic is a true diva of Croatian soul, her live performances electrify and leave the audience filled with pure joy.


05.07. friday  / 21:30h /, CRO ETNO: KLAPA ŠUFIT i Subrenum


Since the first edition of Mali music festival, the association Ambient Croatia Orsula Park organized an Acapella folk evening. Until now, the evening was mostly associated with groups from the Dubrovnik area, and for the first time we will have a Klapa from Split, - Split MVG Šufit which celebrates this year its 20th anniversary. As hosts, they will perform with the Klapa  Subrenum.


Acapella performances of Dalmatian folk songs at Park Orsula magical surrounding is a unique experience and cultural delight and is highly recommended for everyone who appreciates gentle vocal harmonies and has interest in musical history of this part of the world.


06.07. saturday / 21:30h /SVADBAS , QUASARR,  concert: 


Svadbas is an interesting phenomenon on the Croatian music scene.

In a country that is not accustomed to the kind of middle way, Svadbas managed in 15 years to publish six studio albums ("Svadbas" 1997th, "South" in 2000., "Alone" in 2001., "FMD Sessions" in 2002., "La La" 2005th, "yet" 2012.), and remain one of rare Croatian indie-pop-rock bands that are persistent in their path.

Svadbas create their music in style that is not overly commercial, and yet are not an underground band either. The band have a loyal fan base and their concerts are known for a fantastic atmosphere, as seen during their previous concerts in town.

Latest release, album “Jos” has been their first studio release in 7 years, and we are all looking forward to hear it live. Be sure you don’t miss it !

The leading Croatian daily newspaper “Jutarnji List” of Svadbas said:

“They are as good as any world known indie-rock band !”


City of Rijeka band Quasarr formed in year 2000.

At the famous and unfortunately absent project "incubator" festival  in 2002 Quasar won second place with the introduction their indie-pop expression.

Quasar is one of the few bands who cherish Croatian indie pop-rock style.

It is a truly high-quality live act as witnessed in their last visit as they played at the festival in 2012.

We are looking forward to another high quality energetic performance by this contemporary Croatia band.


11.07. četvrtak / 22:30h / THE TIGER LILLIES , IZAE 


Before founding the Tiger Lillies in 1989, the lead singer Martyn Jacques spent seven years training himself as an opera singer with the castrati style of voice for six years while living in solitude above a brothel in London’s Soho.

These were auspicious beginnings indeed for the man who would soon front this indefinably eccentric three piece band whose songs are littered with countless shifty characters from contemporary Britain’s dark underbelly. Rendering the stories of pimps, prostitutes, con-men and thieves with his angelic voice, Jacques is a one man crusade against the powers of censorship, repression, and mediocrity.


The Independent has described The Tiger Lillies as "a provocative and avant- garde three-piece band that combines cabaret, vaudeville, music-hall and street theatre", while Tim Arthur of Time Out has given a more imaginative description: "Imagine Kurt Weill conjuring up images of pre- war Berlin while a falsetto vocalist screams, squeaks and squawks his way through every number like some rambling madman, and you've got the picture". Notorious for singing controversial songs involving bestiality, prostitution, blasphemy and all other vice imaginable, The Tiger Lillies are undoubtedly not for the easily offended.

Their musical style is mainly influenced by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill's masterpiece The Threepenny Opera and pre-war Berlin cabaret but other influences such as gypsy and circus music, French chanson and British music hall tunes are also evident.

Tiger Lillies have been nominated for Grammy award in best crossover band category.

 "Brilliantly twisted" - The Guardian

 "It's not surprising that their cult following is worldwide - a Tiger Lillies gig is a journey into wild emotion which passes right through melodrama and out the other side into bizarre beauty" - Evening Standard

There is nothing else like them. Any description of them is an injustice – they are completely peerless. - Alex Kapranos of Franz Ferdinand

 The Tiger Lillies have been balancing dark theatricality with their own addictive brand of burlesque for over two decades now, and the blend is becoming ever more potent. Just a word of warning: there is no cure should the Tiger Lillies get under your skin - and they will.

Zoe Howe, BBC Music reviews


"We're making music. In colour.

We are not a band, although sometimes there are band like qualities in our work.

"The best kept secret Dubrovnik music '.

This group has since 2006. recorded five albums, and in the same time period had probably the same number of appearances. Or just a few more. Or maybe a few less. Ensemble performances never come and are so rare, and this will happen tonight with the promotion of their new album "Fractured monocle Mr. tungsten."

It's hard to describe their work but we can say it is a mix of freak-folk, cabaret, experimental music, with psychedelic twists.

You could say it is chanson, but it is certain that with Jadranka, Adem and Dejan, who in recent years constitute the nucleus of the ensemble, along with their guests deliver an unforgettable musical journey.

"Regardless of the isolation, Dubrovnik Izae ensemble has managed to turn their invisibility in the cult"


13.07. subota/ 21:30h / MIROSLAV TADIĆ & TEOFILOVIĆI twins

Miroslav Tadic is one of the best guitarists, not only from this region, but the world over. Renowned Guitar Player Magazine has the 1997th Tadic ranked among the world's top 30 guitarists, with an impressive list of musicians with whom he collaborated : Placido Domingo, The Los Angeles Opera, the London Philharmonic orkestrar, Kudsi Erguner, Djivan Gasparian, Maria João and many, many others. Tadic has since 1985. been a guitar professor at the prestigious California Institute of the Arts in Los Angeles. In our region is best known for his collaboration with Vlatko Stefanovski.

Ratko and Radisa Teofilović performe since the beginning of the nineties, and can be considered as guardians of Balkan musical heritage. From the very beginning of their career, they have opted for a performing of traditional songs and what makes them stand out are their incredible vocals. Teofilović vocal abilities range and harmonies are unique, and comparisons with Simon & Garfunkel, which can be found on the Internet,  are not excessive.

Working together Teofilović and Miroslav Tadic  were as a foregone conclusion expected to deliver success. Album "Healer" was recorded in Los Angeles under the supervision of producer Scott Fraser (Kroson Quartet), performed traditional songs from Macedonia, Dalmatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Kosovo.

This concert is a true delicacy for lovers of World Music and is not to be missed!

"It is pure joy to hear these songs done with such care and love. The group breathes new life into these songs by stripping them down to their bare bones, and then slowly and carefully rebuilding them up just as much as needed and not a layer more";



ZDENKA KOVAČIČEK (“ tribute to Janis Joplin“

Zdenka Kovačiček became famous as a little girl way back in 1957 singing a duet with Nada Žitnik. She starred in a movies, appeared on television and played all over Europe with well-known musicians.

Since then, many years have passed, and Zdenka Kovačiček not yet separated from the stage that brought her status as one of the most prominent Croatian rock and jazz singers.

Zdenka became the first 'European Janis Joplin' acting and singing in the musical "Love, Janis."

Zdenka Kovačiček will be, accompanied by two great musicians - Branka Bogunivća Pifa (guitar) and Adriatic Dučića - Čiće (drums)

She’s a real star and one of the best interpreters of Janice Joplin music alive.


Real name Adam Semijalac, he plays his blues as if his mother rocked in the cradle, somewhere in the Mississippi Delta. Resistsing labels and working  solo making his work heard on the road with his youtube channel. Of himself he says: "I live a very modest but I live what I want, and that is music. Living solely from music the last 10 years. I do music for theater. I am a member co-author of the initiative OOUR Zagreb, theaters TRAFIK in Rijeka. I have over 15 full-length works behind. I teach guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin ... everything that has wires. I try to invest my time in people who are interested in music and who want to learn and from whom they can learn. My music is therapy for me, and the way to deal with the world. Blues form is something that is best channels my emotions. To quote Albert Camus: "One must imagine Sisyphus happy."

One thing you will not have to imagine though, and that is being happy to be at this gig.


There is probably no one in Dubrovnik who has not at least once attended a concert Gruhak, and when one attends a hot energy that this quartet from the stage provides its listeners / viewers, it is not forgotten. It is a unique band, not only in terms of Dubrovnik, evidenced by the large numbers regarding their clips on YouTube, but also hundreds of positive comments coming in from all over the world. Gruhak  breakthrough outside Croatian scene lately intensified and they performed in England, Germany and Ukraine. Wherever they appeared, the band has received positive reviews for their performances of blues-rock which is simply unique. With a host of cover songs that are often performed better than the original, Gruhak released their first studio album "Make a Stand" which has received lots of positive reviews from renowned international magazines and websites.


Otprilike ovako started at the beginning of the 70s in Split. They were the  pioneers of Split clubs and blues scene, and to this day the "old bones and fresh blood" does not go down with it.

In May 2008. one of the founders of the band, Jadran Zlodre Gobbo left the line up, but the band continues to operate as was his wish.  Their principle is'we play and you Gusto!' and as always the band is concerned with delivering great performances, and have never been bothered with commercial success.


 Pula Delta Blues Gang was founded in in 1994. under the name of The Crossroads, and through all these years, despite changing names, membership and occasional breaks from work, DBG remained true blues-rock expression. Last year they won the 4th Croatian Blues Challenge in Split and thus represented Croatia at the 29th International Blues Challenge in Memphis, where they entered the semifinals.


Split Harpoon Blues Band exists since 2006 and founder and leader of his well-known Split blues enthusiast, harmonica player and former member of Split blues band Black Cat Bone and Nine Below Zero, Predrag Lovrinčević, a large number of gigs at Split and clubs in the region, the band gained many new fans.


Ivo Grub - Kukac famous Dubrovnik musician 'old school', a professional sailor who’s talent and long love of the blues he is happy to share with the audience. He will perform with musicians of Dubrovnik Antonio (bass) and Bob Rajačić (drums) and others.


21.07. sunday / 22:00h / GORIBOR concert

Goribor will play this summer 5 last concerts in his career. One of them is in Dubrovnik in the Blues Weekend. Their blues is a special Sunday evening is reserved for their solo performance.

Aleksandar Stojkovic St, Zeljko Ljubic Pity the rest of the band are one of the most interesting phenomena on the regional scene in recent years. For many years they worked in native town of Bor, published albums for leading underground publishing house in the region, the record label, and little by little creating fans of their dark trip-hop/bluesa. And then they appeared at  Pula Art & Music Festival 2006th. Success in this festival brought them a contract with the Dancing Bear and in 2007 they released an album simply titled "Goribor". This album gained cult status and created core of bands following. 


26.07.friday / 21:30h / NENO BELAN & Fiumens & friends / Unplugged sessions

Neno Belan, from Split to Rijeka's address,  can be considered a legend of Croatian pop-rock music. He began his career with the group with which the Djavoli in who’s  first studio album, "Love and Fashion" was a hit and remains an album that has a place in any respectable record colletion.

What followed were three releases with the Devils who have rapidly become big stars in the former Yugoslavia, and in the early nineties Belan continued with a solo career. Moving to the city of Rijeka, Belan joined forces with the band Fiumens, Belan is present all the time on the local scene with distinctive songs of romantic themes.

Neno Belan on Valentine's Day performance in Zagreb is legendary, and this year had a special project for the concert - unplugged performance with a cross section of new arrangements of famous songs. Interest of the audience for this concert was great and is was sold out two days in a row.  He is an exceptional musician.

We will have an unplugged performance and everyone is looking forward to a great night.

"Zagreb concert lasted nearly three hours, and the audience wanted to go on in the rhythm until the morning" (Evening Gazette)


30.07. tuesday / 21:30h / VLADA DIVLJAN (ex IDOLI) & Ljetno kino band

Vlada Divljan famous for his first musical venture with the band The Idols, worked on many musical projects - music for movies, plays, children's music, working with many of the musicians from the region, and despite all the accomplishments over the years, it can be said that only with the cooperation with Ljetno Kino, Divljan got back the back sound that made him famous with The Idols.

Ljetno Kino. a few years ago founded by Max Juricic, guitarist who played with Azra, and later in bands Film, Vjestices, Le Cinema, So! Mazgoon, Gego Picigin Bend and many others. Max found himself saturated with'rock sound over the years so decided to make some changes to his musical expression and the proof is that the guitar, which he played for decades,has been replaced with the ukulele.

This concert will be an opportunity for familiar songs from the Idols to be heard in a live performance after 30 years, and that all should not be based on nostalgia, songs have been interestingly rearranged by Ljetno Kino who will also perform some of the greatest summer hits of all times.

Fun is guaranteed, so don’t miss this night out !


02.08. friday/ 21:30h / GIPSY SWING QUARTET - Damir Kukuruzović

Damir Kukuruzović  love of music focused on two areas;  jazz and Gypsy music.

But when we talk about this second type, we're talking about music of Gypsy heritage in style of Django Reinhardt.

It was the inevitable comparisons with Reinhardt that best describe work Damir Kukuruzović Gipsy Swing Quartet.

Kukuruzović  in world circles represents one of the best guards of Reinhardt's legacy.

At its musical journey this quartet collaborated with renowned names from the world of gypsy jazz Ludovic Beier, Adrian B. Burns (known for his appearances with Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings). The quartet played at all major world jazz festivals.

Enjoy this exclusive dish of Gypsy music served to you by one of the world’s best!

"On the jazz scene operate many virtuosos - and when I write about Kukuruzović, I think in the context of global, not local music scene - but there are few musicians like him, who with exceptional music-playing skills, manage to reach the highest aesthetic level"; Davor Hrvoj  Music Reviews


03.08.subota / 23.:00h / Alex Bark JAZZANOVA & EDDY RAMICH Kontrapunkt

Alex Barck’s rise to world wide fame was as a member of Jazzanova in the late 90′s. Also as the A&R manager at Berlin based label, Sonar Kollektiv, he was, and still is, responsible for some of the finest ever releases, spanning the horizons from soulful pop and witty dance music. There is, however, no need to elaborate on the mighty Jazzanova and Sonar Kollektiv’s output here. We are here purely to pay homage to Alex Barck’s own illustrious career.
He was born and raised in Prenzlauer Berg back when there was still a wall dividing Berlin, making it exceedingly hard for East Germans to have a real sense of with was happening music wise around the world. This did not deter young Alex though. He was an eager music lover who listened to everything he could find in the East Berlin libraries, devourde magazines smuggled into the east and listened to every thing he could find on the airwaves (especially a radio show by disc jockey Monika Dietel on SFB, which still informs and influences him even ’til today). Just as he came of age, and was old enough to stand behind the decks himself, the wall came tumbling down and an 18 year old Alex Barck found himself found himself in what was to become, almost instantly, the most influential city and scene of the early 90′s. Here he learned to play eclectic and elusive DJ sets which blended everything from techno to wave, disco, soul, hippie folk, hiphop and, yes also jazz. Whilst the other newly liberated East Germans raided retail stores to finally buy what they couldn’t before, Alex Barck went crate digging. A hobby he devotedly pursues to this day (his record collection encompassing more than 10’000 records to date).
His first gigs were at the Club Akbar Lounge followed by the infamous Delicious Doughnuts. Only ten years after his begginings he has played at almot every renowed club on this planet ‚Äì the likes of Tokyo’s Yellow to Zouk in Singapore, Trouw in Amsterdam, Goa in Madrid, Dachkatine in Zurich, Plastic People in London, Elephant Festival in Croatia, and of course the Berlin landmarks WMF, Cookies, Weekend, Watergate and Panorama Bar – just to name a few. He has also played alongside an endless list of luminaries including but not limited to Francois K., Gilles Peterson, Norman Cook, Andrew Weatherall, Carl Craig and Basement Jaxx etc.
As well as being a passionate, challenging and, oft times, revolutionary DJ for over twenty years, Alex Barck has also worked as a selector, compiling several acclaimed and trendsetting series (Secret Love, Computer Incarnations etc.). He hosts a number of radio shows on different German radio stations and is also revered for his remix work (e.g Jeremy Glenn’s “New Life”, Jazzanova’s “Little Bird”, Vindahl’s “Question”, Little Dragon’s “Ritual Union”etc). As of 2011 he and producer extraordinaire, Christian Prommer, have been recording together as Prommer & Barck (check out their first album “Alex & The Grizzly” on Derwin Records) and have been touring as a club/live act all throughout Europe. And if that isn’t enough for you, Barck and Prommer also have their own label, Derwin Records (named after Alex Barck’s favourite creperie in Bretagne) which releases their own music as well as edits and tracks by new artists (e.g the late 2011 underground Balearic hit “Night Flight” by Quintus Project with edits by Lexx and Psychemagik). Writing about Alex Barck you can really see how hard it is to pin him down to one distinctive style or any one endeavour. So busy is his schedule and so explosive is his constant creative output. There’s probably only one leitmotif to his career (and his life as well): A deep, honest and never ending love for music. Music is love, and Alex Barck is music..


10.08.saturday / 21:30h / SEVDAH TAKHT DAMIRA IMAMOVIĆA

"The meaning of the word sevdah in the Turkish language denotes amorous yearning and ecstasy of love, and has its origin in the Arabic expression "säwdâ", which encompasses and specifies the term "black gall". Namely, ancient Arabic and Greek doctors believed that the black gall, as one of the four basic substances in the human body, affects our emotional life and provokes a melancholic mood.

Damir Imamovic was practically born with sevdah. His father Nedzad singer sevdalinkas and grandfather Zaim was probably the most famous interpreter sevdalinkas in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Although previously he expressed interest in sevdah, it was the work on the monography of  Zaims opus in 2004 that Damir dedicated himself to this kind of music. But unlike Nedžada and Zaim, Damir from the beginning he started doing  own arrangements of popular songs sevdah.

On their performances in the region, but also throughout Europe interpretations of sevdah music lead to a new level so we can say  Seavdah Takht, are true ambassadors of this musical genre.


17.08. saturday / 22:00h / VLATKO STEFANOVSKI TRIO


56-year-old Vlatko Stefanovski is 'legendary'.

Ever since his musical beginnings , and working with the largest Macedonian band Leb i Sol, Stefanovski had great significance to the whole music scene in the former Yugoslavia. Leb I Sol were one of the first rock bands, not only in this region that introduced ethno elements in their rock songs.

In the 18 years  together,of Leb i sol recorded 10 studio albums, 2 concert and one compilation album occupying a place in the encyclopedia of music from the Balkan region.

Parallel to the shutdown group Leb i Sol, Stefanovski began with his solo work.

Often compared with Mark Knopfler and Eric Clapton, and you’ll quickly see why,

Vlatko is one of the greatest guitarists off all times from this part of the world.

He has also written scores for 15  movies, and has received an honorary doctorate form Skopje university.

Vlatko Stefanovski Trio concerts delight the audiences with their unique fusion of blues, jazz, ethno and rock music.

21.08. wednesday / 21:00h, klapske večeri: RAGUSAVECCHIA I ŽENSKA KLAPA FA LINĐO


Women's choir Lindo Folk Ensemble was founded in February 2000, and had their first concert in August of that year. Klapa in total won 16 awards, the most success at the Festival of group singing, the most prestigious event that brings together all Croatian Klapa, "Linđovice" achieved in 2009 when they won awards from the jury as well as audience vote as the best Klapa. International success followed with the gold medal at the 13th International Choral Festival in Verona, Italy.


Klapa Ragusavecchia  first performance was on Christmas 1998th when they sang 'Dubrovnik carols'.. Just as is the tradition in Dubrovnik ways Capella fore, a capella repertoire slowly expands songs with instrumental accompaniment.  Klapa won theGold medal at the first festival, with mandolins and guitars in Makarska, and first place at the Festival of vocal and instrumental accompaniment in Opatija.


24.08.subota / 22:00h / GORAN BARE i MAJKE

Even before the release of his first album, Vinkovci band Majke gained cult status in Croatia underground scene.


Year was the 1988th, cassette was released by the label the Record label, and everyone who attended the concert talked about the stunning energy with which Goran Bare and the rest of the band mastered their blues-rock expression influenced by the likes of Flamin 'Groovies, MC 5, The Stooges, and others.

Goran Bare with his slightly shamanistic texts and also stage presence, became one of the leaders of Croatian rock scene and you can say they are one of the greatest Croatia rock acts of all time.

30.08.petak / 21:30h / SILENTE & friends

A young group of Dubrovnik Silente, you can say that this year, are living the dream. After several years of working and playing mostly in Dubrovnik, this year the band became one about which many are talking about as a future Croatian stars. Playing their pop-rock, Silente won the attention of the media, but also celebrated musicians who have supported their work.

Success story began when their demo album "Hunter Wonderland," which was recorded by Toni ELEMENT, submitted to various publishers, and Aquarius Records recognized and agreed with Silente to publish the album.

Director and actor Dejan Acimovic he has already been a fan of the band and the recording of this helped to get the name of the band further out of Dubrovnik. The video on Youtube got lots of positive reviews, the songs got airtime on all national stations.

Silente are up and coming stars of the Croatian music scene and this concert is a great opportunity to see why.

Saint Orsula legend and history of the archaeological site

Old Ragusans have always constructed their churches and chapels at locations of specific importance and with a specific message. This chapel was constructed mid of 14th century in honor of St. Ursula, patron saint of virgins and virginal virtue. It was built in 1348 upon the last will of a local Dubrovnik lady, Tola Del Silvestro. The cult of St. Ursula is tied to a legend dating to the 4th century which tells about the death of an English royal daughter martyred by the recklessness of primitive male urges. The church is dedicated to this saint as a monument to all maltreated women, who decided to end their misery at this very spot by jumping into the abyss. She is the eponym of this entire uninhabited part of Dubrovnik called Orsula.

The church was constructed at a dangerous, slippery stony hillside, accessible only with difficulty but visible for anyone who was approaching the City from the seaside.

An old Dubrovnik caravan road, which had been the only continental access to the City throughout centuries, runs closely to the church. This old road was constructed at the very edges of the abyss, making it a challenging path to be crossed and thus protecting the City from raiders from the continent.

Ideally oriented in the direction east – west, facing a 200 m deep abyss, with a façade and doors precisely leveled with the spot that offers the first view of the City walls to any traveler, this church is actually topographically symbolizing the entrance to the City.

The church was set on fire and destroyed during the Russian-Serbian-Montenegrin siege of Dubrovnik in 1806, conducted in order to stop Napoleon’s troops from further approaching Boka Kotorska. During the bloody fights, looting, furious arson and destruction, literally everything located outside the City walls was leveled to the ground. French troops were outnumbered and reinforcements lead by General Marmont arrived too late. The church of St. Ursula spent 200 years buried in oblivion and abandonment.

project Park Orsula

Enthusiasm and persistence in addition to the circumstances and the time of action – these are the factors that formed the project Park Orsula as presented below:
Ambient Croatia is an association for international promotion of cultural, historic and natural heritage. Based on a citizens’ initiative, the statue of the association targets and regulates activities for increased valuation of unused public goods and putting them into function for citizens’ benefit before becoming an easy target of numerous local and foreign investors.
In the course of the past 8 years, Ambient Croatia has created a row of necessary preconditions for self-sustainability of the project and the realization of the vision “Park Orsula, archeological locality, panoramic gazebo and summer stage”. Inspired by the idea of a summer music stage that Dubrovnik needed and that should be functioning on a long-term basis, we renovated and preserved the remains of St. Ursula’s chapel from the 14th century, built an amphitheater with 350 seating capacities, ensured electricity and primary fire protection, and forested the locality. Last winter we also recreated and cleaned up the historical caravan road from Dubrovnik, thus integrating Park Orsula into the urban structure and creating an attractive walking connection with the Old Town.
Today, Park Orsula exists as a polyvalent, beautifully arranged and logistically fully equipped polygon for diverse future affirmation in culture and tourism.
The music festival that lasts over full 3 summer months had its premiere in 2011. This year we are planning its third edition and the last two experienced noticeable interest and public approval. Park Orsula has been visited by more than 10000 individual visitors so far and the association Ambient Croatia has gathered over 600 registered members and fans.
The stated activities and the results we were able to show have created an incentive for successful cooperation with city authorities, Dubrovnik tourist association, numerous tourist agencies, institutions and professionals.
All of this, in addition to the natural position of the locality, just outside the Old Town, on a steep rock 200m above sea level, that offers one of the most stunning views of the City and the surrounding islands and waters, in a quiet setting where the city’s turmoil can’t disturb stage performances and where stage performances don’t disturb the public order – all of this is what literally makes and confirms Park Orsula the place where dreams come true.


Where in the world could you find an outdoor music stage by the restored ruins of a 14th century church? In Dubrovnik, of course! But if you aren’t looking carefully for the Park Orsula amphitheater, you’ll probably just drive right by.

If the planet Earth is music, then Park Orsula is it's primal blues. The Old City of Dubrovnik on your right, island Lokrum in front of you, small city of Cavtat looming in the distance on your left and the remains of one old church will paint the most beautiful picture, write the most beautiful story and play the most beautiful music in your heart and soul. (Imagine scene from the movie "Amadeus" when Salieri is describing Mozart's music).

One of Dubrovnik’s newest (and yet, somehow, also oldest) outdoor performance spaces is located just off the main highway that leads out of town towards the airport. You can’t see it from the road, but if you park at the scenic overlook and follow the stone path down the hill, you’ll come to a beautifully restored stone complex that includes a breathtaking 180-degree panoramic view of the old city, sea and nearby islands, as well as the chapel of St. Ursula, an open air amphitheater, walking trails, a snack bar. Best of all, entrance is free, open 8 am to midnight.

Every summer Park Orsula is hosting an international music festival from June 16 through September 1.

Check out the program schedule on the link: SUMMER2013PROGRAM, and then click You Tube link for a sneak preview of each artist.


Public transportation is available. Bus No. 10, line: Dubrovnik - Cavtat.

By car or TAXI. Park Orsula parking can fit 60 cars.Parking is free.

Venue is 25 minutes walk from Old City walking along medieval caravan road.

*Proceeds from festival ticket sales are used for out of season maintenance and developing of the Park Orsula area.

MUSIC FESTIVAL PARK ORSULA 2012 program – 16 June – 1 September 2012

Open Air Stage – Archaeological Site – Panoramic Gazebo. After six years of passionate and continuous work of a small group of enthusiasts, lovers of nature and heritage of the Dubrovnik Old City, headed by the project’s initiator and leader Andro Vidak, Orsula Park was opened for visitors.

This wonderfully cultivated district – which naturally blends with the existing gazebo on the Adriatic Highway above the Orsula area, offering a magnificent view of the Old City and the surroundings – abounds in valuable historic materials, intriguing legends and positive energy. Apart from being a place where one can enjoy nature and the view, the park was conceptualised as a unique open air stage for cultural and entertaining events. Lot of them will be organised during this summer. Orsula Park Music Festival programme:

16 June - 1 September 2012


16 June 2012 / 21.00h
Valetudo Group

22 June 2012 / 21.00h
Vocal Groups Evenings: Vocal group Subrenum & Guests
Wine tasting from Dubrovnik area

30 June 2012 / 21.00h
Quasarr & Embassy 516 ( album promotion)

6 July 2012 / 21.00h
Radojka Šverko & maestro Vladimir Babin

10 July 2012 / 21.00h
Fireworks Display

13 July 2012 / 21.00h

19 July 2012 / 21.00h
Evenings of Classical Music in the St. Orsula Church: Vocal Group Kaše & Friends
Promotion of traditional fishing crafts

21 July 2012 / 21.00h

23 July 2012 / 21.00h
Evenings of Classical Music in the St. Orsula Church
Dubrovnik Quartet

28 July 2012 / 21.00h
Tamara Obrovac

30 July 2012 / 21.00h
Evenings of Classical Music in the St. Orsula Church 
Dubrovnik Quartet

1 August 2012 / 21.00h
Vocal Groups Evenings: Ragusavecchia, Vocal group FA Linđo & Friends
Music & Folklor night

4 August 2012 / 21.00 h
Mostar Sevdah Reunion

6 August 2012 / 21.00h
Evenings of Classical Music in the St. Orsula Church
Dubrovnik Quartet

10 August 2012 / 21.00h

14 August 2012 / 21.00h
Kontrapunkt / Eddy Ramich & Guests

18 August 2012 / 21.00h
Rambo Amadeus & Mutant Dance Sextet / Funk- Jazz-Stand up!

25 August 2012 / 21.00h
Darko Rundek & Cargo Trio

1 September 2012 / 21.00h
Jazz Concert
Ines Tričković Kvintet
Regis Katie, piano
Zvonimir Šestak, doublebass
& Surprise Guests 

about the historical site

Park Orsula, Dubrovnik

Beautiful scenes that stretch from the locality around the church of Sv. ORSULA, which dates from the 14th century, attract numerous domestic and foreign tourists. The view from the gazebo located on a cliff, 200 meters above sea level, is truly breathtaking.

Old Dubrovnik always built their churches and chapels in places of special significance and message. In the middle of the 14th this century, built by the church in honor of St. ORSULA (Ursula) patroness of virgins and virgin purity. It was built by his will Dubrovkinja Tole Del Silvestro in 1348 years.With the cult of St. Ursula is tied to the legend of the 4th century England, the royal daughter, raped and murdered. The church was dedicated to this saint as a memorial to all the girls who were abused throughout history, at that point, jump into the abyss, completed his suffering … just for her, all of the inhabited part of Dubrovnik called Orsula.We invite you all, friends and supporters of the park Orsula as such, the opening evening of LJ. games, 10.07.2011, and after it and each of the following to the end of the summer, spend with us to slowly music from our workshops and a cold drink from our tobacco shop.

Every day the park can be visited from 8:00 h to 24:00 h.Admission is free and the instructions and information, contact the kiosk / reception of the park where the staff performs 24-hour duty.

about the music festival

Orsula Park
Open Air Stage – Archaeological Site – Panoramic GazeboAfter six years of passionate and continuous work of a small group of enthusiasts, lovers of nature and heritage of the Dubrovnik Old City, headed by the project’s initiator and leader Andro Vidak, Orsula Park was opened for visitors.

This wonderfully cultivated district – which naturally blends with the existing gazebo on the Adriatic Highway above the Orsula area, offering a magnificent view of the Old City and the surroundings – abounds in valuable historic materials, intriguing legends and positive energy. Apart from being a place where one can enjoy nature and the view, the park was conceptualised as a unique open air stage for cultural and entertaining events, some of which will be organised already in August.Orsula Park Music Festival programme:

  • 5 and 6 August: 2 concerts of the Gruhak Band (Dubrovnik), beginning at 10.00 pm; on the first day the band will perform the arrangements and on the second its own songs.
  • 8 and 9 August are reserved for serious music. The Sorkočević String Quartet will give two thematically different concerts.
  • 11 and 12 August: Kontrapunkt (Zagreb) – «JAZZ for the new generations». The first evening is reserved for Eddie Ramich and Jogarde, and the second for the famous British producer Zed Bias.
  • 17 and 18 August: The Valetudo Band (Dubrovnik) will present its new album and make a video of the live performance
  • Numerous guest performers include Rambo Amadeus, as well as the concerts of vocal groups SUBRENUM, Ragusa Vechia, Mareta, the female vocal group FA Linđo…

Transport by the Libertas busses will be organised for all performances.
The park is opened for visitors on a daily basis from 8.00 am to 12.00 midnight. The entrance is free. Information available 24 hours a day at the park reception desk.

Dubrovnik – Park Orsula

If the planet Earth is music, then Park Orsula is it's primal blues. The Old City of Dubrovnik on your right, island Lokrum in front of you, small city of Cavtat looming in the distance on your left and the remains of one old church will paint the most beautiful picture, write the most beautiful story and play the most beautiful music in your heart and soul. (Imagine scene from the movie "Amadeus" when Salieri is describing Mozart's music).
Park Orsula is made as an open summer music theater and this year there was organized a "Small summer festival Park Orsula" which will continue in the coming years.
History of this place is, as well, very interesting. Church remains goes back to the 14th century. It was made in honor of the Holy Orsula, protector of virgins and virgin purity. That location was, for a long period, the only road to Dubrovnik.
For more "blues" check Park Orsula's web page:

Croatian tourism is not interested in the most beautiful view over the Adriatic

Dubrovnik landscapes are outlined in a ring of saints who successfully kept watch for centuries over the city. Most of the people of Dubrovnik are grateful to them, which they show with regular ceremonies. Some, however, are ignored. Such is Orsula: a place with an empty name, although no doubt crucial in the Dubrovnik area. We were warned through his profject of this by Andro Vidak, a Dubrovnik entrepreneur for whom destiny requires that he situates his dream there.


The importance of ORSULA is in the fact that it was the only land access to Dubrovnik until the arrival of Napoleon's empire in the early 19th century. Sv. Orsula (Ursula), protector of girls, and a ravine 200 meters deep, with breaks in the sea, is connected with the place from which they threw disgraced and discarded Dubrovnik girls. We can assume that the thugs among influential gentlemen were not great advocates of Sv. ORSULA, but we'll let the historians answer the crucial question of the Dubrovnik calendar of saints where the patron of female cleanliness has faded along with other ancillary questions such as why the problem is pushed out of public consciousness, why none of the victims were not impose at least as a local heroine, etc.

We will not deal with either the most recent Croatian history, the transition, but only to invoke it as a framework for better understanding of the story, as is the case with the previous frame of the saints. If anything has marked the transition of Croatia, it is the unbelievable looting of public goods. Much of the goods belong to a few people. When it comes to matching some large companies, they use marketing to call it this or that empire, but when it comes to seizing exceptional physical property, called it a dream of this or that.
Andro Vidak develops his little dream of the revitalization of the forgotten historical value of ORSULA. His project is not realized by snatching others, but with hard and honest work he returns to the landscape what belonged to us all.
Orsula is a smaller sloping terrace on the southeastern tip of Srđa. Above it is the top of Žarkovica, and in the abyss below, it is the sea with Lokrum. This place was chosen by Andro Vidak for his business. For years, he says, he was walking the hills with his dog, looking for a piece of space which large capital has not noticed or that was not given to a foreign investor to „save" us. Had no money and no one's financial support. He chose Orsulu, not knowing what the administrative and business aspects of finding sites for the finalization of the project means. Four years it took him to arrange paperwork, a further two for his efforts to become visible enough to be able to illustrate the contours of sleep. Within the park Orsula, as it was called, situated on the lookout which is privately owned, he recently initiated the first activities of cultural tourism.
The first year he spent in resolving legal-property issues, and for months he waited for confirmation that the land is not mined. Then, in the site which was derelicted for hundreds of years he invested hundreds of hours, not counting on the help of others, friends and occasional employed workers. When would clear the thick bushes that would grow after who knows what fire, he would find garbage, stoves, construction waste.
"The whole of Croatia will grow into the weeds next to the administration, and sometimes I think that its job is just to share the reward itself. More than once  in four years I was told there the case is so complicated that not even someone much stronger would easily resolve it. Or, e, my boy, there is so much in the thistle which needs to be renewed, so why would you pick this? It would kill the biggest optimist, but it could not kill me, "said Vidak, trying to reduce criticism to a minimum.
"It was difficult, but interesting: every meter of cleaned space has brought a new discovery. Beneath the layers of half a meter that we dug up some stairs, then you literally start digging with your nails, you can hardly wait for a new day to continue", he says.
"When I came to the ruins of the church, where there was a rusty car hood, I did not know if this is luck or misfortune. I informed Conservation Institute, and they did not even have it recorded in the list of monuments. They were pretty skeptical that there was anything I could do concerning the complicated procedure. The procedure followed: Geodetic shot that the architect took of the existing situation, based on that I got permission for an archaeological survey, whose results we have put in a historical context. " The church, according Vidak, was built by the will Dubrovnik womanTolle del Silvestrou from 1348 . In it people were buried until approximately  1430, it was destroyed in the earthquake of 1667. and restored, and lost its function after the destruction in the Russian-Montenegrin attack in the early 19th Century:
"All the above was necessary that we start restoring the building. It is the only thing paid by the state, all others were paid by himself, with partial assistance of property owners."
After they cleared the terrace space with the church, they grabbed the part of the old caravan route, which is not seen due to the vegetation. They removed from it separated rocks and used them to build boundaries, retaining walls and terraces and ensured it as a part of the new fence. Thus, the path itself is excellent value which partially restored its function, and the park Orsula at the bottom ensures romantic pedestrian access from the City.
When asked how he dealt with interior design, Vidak replied: "If you love nature, she herself says that you need. You follow the contour line that you set as a border, and the olives call for you to free it from the thorn rid ... It just goes. I've never been happier in my life , and I worked in the rain and snow, I was helped by my friends and my children and Marin and Đivo were often here. "
The result is a tame space with a number of simple paths with benches, an amphitheater and a small terrace with a church. As I was taking pictures of Orsula for about fifteen minutes at sunset, silhouette of a young couple stood motionless as a bronze statue. Behind them is a city with afaint pulsating light. On the other side was darkness, so I could well experience an impressive description of the way through ORSULA by Ivan Kukuljevića Sakcin from 1856, of which Andro Vidak spoke wildly, from the head.
We continued to talk along a small kiosk along the main road, which on the upper side was enriched by a park. It was a little disturbed by mosquitoes, and even more by tourists hungry for basic information. We ask him if it is always like this. He confirms. He says he proposed that the tourism authorities in collaboration with him add an info desk, but they have not shown interest in cooperation.
Park Orsula enters a new phase. During the day it should be a excursion place resort with a magnificent vista point, and in the evening a place with musical and theatrical performances. As it will be developed, it is difficult to say because it depends on many issues, some of them, such as atmospheric conditions, are outside of human influence. However, Dubrovnik sees  it without division of positive values. Informally for weeks the positive information about ORSULA has been spreading, which these days has continued in the local media. Although it is a private project, all say it is important to yield the general interest. This is the opposite of bad spatial policy according to which Dubrovnik came into disrepute in Croatia and beyond.
While the evening lights glow, which cover in gold the landscape from Cavtat to Šipan, one cannot think of any argument against Vidaković's claims that it is a beautiful view over the Adriatic Sea, with 270 degrees of pure fantasy.

Dubrovnik for a present received a new park which was worked on for six years

Six years Andro Vidak, with great will and persistence, with his bare hands he worked on Vidikovac, he built a park on Orsula, with huge physical and intellectual effort and without any political background.

He did it: since 2003 he for the rare left over places which were left out of interest of big capital confirmed the state in the Land Records in order to, with his only capital, start with realization.

The ruins of the church of Marija Orsula he discovered in a century old bush when he thought that area was mines.
He was helped a lot by friends who moved the weeds from the abandoned site. He wanted to do everything legally and spent four years on paperwork, and when finding the church on a location with a view which leaves one breathless, he immediately informed conservators.
For the renewal of the church there was nobody interested even though the church was the patron of maidens and virgin cleanliness, which was build in 1348 on the former caravan trail which was the only connection of the republic with the rest of the world.
That site was named after the church who after coming from the hinterland was the first object for the passengers. The beautiful view of the city was the last thing many unhappy girls and women saw when by jumping into the hope they committed suicide in the attempt to save their stained honor.
Vidak is planning on finished the ambient theater which is God-given for outdoor performances, shows but also for meditation. It would be nice when the initiator of the construction of the part would join with the responsible from the city and County as well as the citizens themselves who from boredom often "don't know what to do with themselves".