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Vine & jazz at PARK ORSULA


Good jazz, local wines, in an excellent ambience--a winning combination in Orsula!

Starting Wednesday, June 19, and every Wednesday thereafter, in the unique setting of the Orsula Park, a program called "Sunset Wine & Jazz" will be held. Amidst the beautiful view of a fascinating sunset, the pleasant jazz music of the band "Garden Street Quartet" can be enjoyed.  There will also be Croatian wine tasting, with special emphasis on the wines of the Dubrovnik area and the wines of Plavac mali, Pošip, Malvasia and others. At end of the program, at the hushed hour of darkness, the unique legend surrounding the Park Orsula and its mystical, spellbinding history will be told.

This attraction is a new event designed for Dubrovnik guests, one that guests will surely choose to enrich their summer evenings. The alluring beauty of the Park Orsula and the unique atmosphere with breathtaking views of Dubrovnik and the sunset, all enhanced by pleasant jazz music and local wines,  are a novelty in the evening programs in the City.

The Association of Ambient Croatia says that through these programs they will continue to promote one of Dubrovnik's most beautiful locations, that this year has been additionally refined by arranging the footpaths from St Jacob and making them available to foreign tourists, who, we believe, will appreciate the attractiveness of this program and the enthusiasm of its organizers.


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