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about the historical site

Park Orsula, Dubrovnik

Beautiful scenes that stretch from the locality around the church of Sv. ORSULA, which dates from the 14th century, attract numerous domestic and foreign tourists. The view from the gazebo located on a cliff, 200 meters above sea level, is truly breathtaking.

Old Dubrovnik always built their churches and chapels in places of special significance and message. In the middle of the 14th this century, built by the church in honor of St. ORSULA (Ursula) patroness of virgins and virgin purity. It was built by his will Dubrovkinja Tole Del Silvestro in 1348 years.With the cult of St. Ursula is tied to the legend of the 4th century England, the royal daughter, raped and murdered. The church was dedicated to this saint as a memorial to all the girls who were abused throughout history, at that point, jump into the abyss, completed his suffering … just for her, all of the inhabited part of Dubrovnik called Orsula.We invite you all, friends and supporters of the park Orsula as such, the opening evening of LJ. games, 10.07.2011, and after it and each of the following to the end of the summer, spend with us to slowly music from our workshops and a cold drink from our tobacco shop.

Every day the park can be visited from 8:00 h to 24:00 h.Admission is free and the instructions and information, contact the kiosk / reception of the park where the staff performs 24-hour duty.


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