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Dubrovnik – Park Orsula

If the planet Earth is music, then Park Orsula is it's primal blues. The Old City of Dubrovnik on your right, island Lokrum in front of you, small city of Cavtat looming in the distance on your left and the remains of one old church will paint the most beautiful picture, write the most beautiful story and play the most beautiful music in your heart and soul. (Imagine scene from the movie "Amadeus" when Salieri is describing Mozart's music).
Park Orsula is made as an open summer music theater and this year there was organized a "Small summer festival Park Orsula" which will continue in the coming years.
History of this place is, as well, very interesting. Church remains goes back to the 14th century. It was made in honor of the Holy Orsula, protector of virgins and virgin purity. That location was, for a long period, the only road to Dubrovnik.
For more "blues" check Park Orsula's web page:


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