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Dubrovnik for a present received a new park which was worked on for six years

Six years Andro Vidak, with great will and persistence, with his bare hands he worked on Vidikovac, he built a park on Orsula, with huge physical and intellectual effort and without any political background.

He did it: since 2003 he for the rare left over places which were left out of interest of big capital confirmed the state in the Land Records in order to, with his only capital, start with realization.

The ruins of the church of Marija Orsula he discovered in a century old bush when he thought that area was mines.
He was helped a lot by friends who moved the weeds from the abandoned site. He wanted to do everything legally and spent four years on paperwork, and when finding the church on a location with a view which leaves one breathless, he immediately informed conservators.
For the renewal of the church there was nobody interested even though the church was the patron of maidens and virgin cleanliness, which was build in 1348 on the former caravan trail which was the only connection of the republic with the rest of the world.
That site was named after the church who after coming from the hinterland was the first object for the passengers. The beautiful view of the city was the last thing many unhappy girls and women saw when by jumping into the hope they committed suicide in the attempt to save their stained honor.
Vidak is planning on finished the ambient theater which is God-given for outdoor performances, shows but also for meditation. It would be nice when the initiator of the construction of the part would join with the responsible from the city and County as well as the citizens themselves who from boredom often "don't know what to do with themselves".


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