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project Park Orsula

Enthusiasm and persistence in addition to the circumstances and the time of action – these are the factors that formed the project Park Orsula as presented below:
Ambient Croatia is an association for international promotion of cultural, historic and natural heritage. Based on a citizens’ initiative, the statue of the association targets and regulates activities for increased valuation of unused public goods and putting them into function for citizens’ benefit before becoming an easy target of numerous local and foreign investors.
In the course of the past 8 years, Ambient Croatia has created a row of necessary preconditions for self-sustainability of the project and the realization of the vision “Park Orsula, archeological locality, panoramic gazebo and summer stage”. Inspired by the idea of a summer music stage that Dubrovnik needed and that should be functioning on a long-term basis, we renovated and preserved the remains of St. Ursula’s chapel from the 14th century, built an amphitheater with 350 seating capacities, ensured electricity and primary fire protection, and forested the locality. Last winter we also recreated and cleaned up the historical caravan road from Dubrovnik, thus integrating Park Orsula into the urban structure and creating an attractive walking connection with the Old Town.
Today, Park Orsula exists as a polyvalent, beautifully arranged and logistically fully equipped polygon for diverse future affirmation in culture and tourism.
The music festival that lasts over full 3 summer months had its premiere in 2011. This year we are planning its third edition and the last two experienced noticeable interest and public approval. Park Orsula has been visited by more than 10000 individual visitors so far and the association Ambient Croatia has gathered over 600 registered members and fans.
The stated activities and the results we were able to show have created an incentive for successful cooperation with city authorities, Dubrovnik tourist association, numerous tourist agencies, institutions and professionals.
All of this, in addition to the natural position of the locality, just outside the Old Town, on a steep rock 200m above sea level, that offers one of the most stunning views of the City and the surrounding islands and waters, in a quiet setting where the city’s turmoil can’t disturb stage performances and where stage performances don’t disturb the public order – all of this is what literally makes and confirms Park Orsula the place where dreams come true.


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