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Where in the world could you find an outdoor music stage by the restored ruins of a 14th century church? In Dubrovnik, of course! But if you aren’t looking carefully for the Park Orsula amphitheater, you’ll probably just drive right by.

If the planet Earth is music, then Park Orsula is it's primal blues. The Old City of Dubrovnik on your right, island Lokrum in front of you, small city of Cavtat looming in the distance on your left and the remains of one old church will paint the most beautiful picture, write the most beautiful story and play the most beautiful music in your heart and soul. (Imagine scene from the movie "Amadeus" when Salieri is describing Mozart's music).

One of Dubrovnik’s newest (and yet, somehow, also oldest) outdoor performance spaces is located just off the main highway that leads out of town towards the airport. You can’t see it from the road, but if you park at the scenic overlook and follow the stone path down the hill, you’ll come to a beautifully restored stone complex that includes a breathtaking 180-degree panoramic view of the old city, sea and nearby islands, as well as the chapel of St. Ursula, an open air amphitheater, walking trails, a snack bar. Best of all, entrance is free, open 8 am to midnight.

Every summer Park Orsula is hosting an international music festival from June 16 through September 1.

Check out the program schedule on the link: SUMMER2013PROGRAM, and then click You Tube link for a sneak preview of each artist.


Public transportation is available. Bus No. 10, line: Dubrovnik - Cavtat.

By car or TAXI. Park Orsula parking can fit 60 cars.Parking is free.

Venue is 25 minutes walk from Old City walking along medieval caravan road.

*Proceeds from festival ticket sales are used for out of season maintenance and developing of the Park Orsula area.


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